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"When a member of one of our buying clubs on the east coast of Florida sent us an email with some of her photographs of the produce in her box, it made perfect sense to write back and discuss decorating our expansive conference room with food art.

 Both refined and rustic, Roxanne Brillante-Justice's fine art photography is a pleasure to view.  You can see what she has done with our beautiful fruits and vegetables here.

 We love the three images we chose for our conference room, but I have a special fondness for the rainbow carrots because they grew on Mitch's Blumenberry Farms,  I like the photo so much that I recently gifted Mitch with the image on a cover for his cell phone"  ~Ronni Blumenthal, Vice President of Administration  Global Organic Specialty Source Inc.


"I met Roxanne 15 years ago when she was a shop owner in downtown Melbourne. I fell in love with many of the unique pieces in her store and asked her to help me decorate my new home. Over time she helped me plan each room, combining furnishings I had with items she found to pull together beautiful and unique spaces. She did everything from designing a custom fireplace and cabinetry in the family room, to helping me pick the perfect cabinet pulls in the kitchen. We worked with her to plan landscaping in an effort to bring nature into our home with the placement of beautiful palms in window areas.

After 15 years in our home we recently put our house up for sale.  We had confidence our home would show well, and we were thrilled to accept multiple offers in six days!  We had a nice floor plan, but everyone absolutely loved our furnishings!  Real estate agents and even our buyer suggested I leave my furnishings because everything "worked so beautifully".  Roxanne's design SOLD OUR HOME!  Now we are settling in our new villa on the canal.  The space is completely different and yet with Roxanne's help we've created another beautiful home using all of the pieces we've collected through the years.  She is amazing at space planning, but my favorite thing about Roxanne's design is the "timeless" nature of the beautiful pieces she suggests.  We will enjoy our furnishings for years to come!" ~ Teresa Ferrara


"I have had the pleasure to work with Roxanne for several years on a variety of projects. Her insight and her ability to combine my husband and my ideas with her design expertise has produced a home that is a pleasure to live in.  From conception to completion she is easy to work with, listens to your ideas and brings the creative energy necessary to create the environment of your dreams. We couldn't have created the beautiful and serene environment we have without her. Thanks Roxanne!"  ~ Terry Wood


“Roxanne has the best taste!!! I will be using her again when I do further updates and remodels to my home!!”  ~ Marie Verderame


"Roxanne is brilliant when it comes to pulling all the pieces together. I have felt so overwhelmed, looking at flooring, paint colors, plumbing, and not really understanding how to tie it all together. Where do you even begin? This is where she made my life SO MUCH easier. She can see the bigger picture and can help guide you through all the decision making processes to achieving the look you want.  Before she was involved it was a nightmare....after she got involved, I could breathe again!

If you are not a professional decorator, you really need Roxanne. You will not regret it. I have used her help now in 4 projects including my business and each time, I always love it and she makes the process enjoyable."  ~ Kim Lesser, Owner of Essentials Spa


“I owe a part of my success as a new business to As Nature Intended Interiors - Roxanne, owner, makes setting up a business easy, timely & gives the business owner a one stop shopping opportunity which helps maintain continuity of your theme, targeted audience and maintains a clear focus throughout from concept to concrete design- from fluffing pillows and picking paint colors to designing logos and putting your business on the "social media cool bus", I can recommend Roxanne very highly! Thrilled with her work! The entire process of creating and designing my business, Blue Morpho Organic Skinspa, was entirely stress free & fun, thanks to Roxanne with As Nature Intended Interiors."   ~ Kate Gurecki, Owner of Blue Morpho Organic Skinspa

"This is the wonderful woman and designer who made our beach house the lovely sand castle it is."   ~ Cathleen Weiss


"Roxanne's color choice for the exterior of my home really increased the curb appeal.  She also staged the interior of the home, making it beautiful, clutter free, warm and inviting and I sold the home in just 7 days."  ~ Kim Lesser


"I have known Roxanne for many years and have always found her to have a wonderful visual gift. She creates living spaces, work spaces and even jewelry that are all works of art. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of home decor & design and has run (and is running) several successful businesses. And you could not work with a nicer person!"  ~Connie Atkinson


"Roxanne is one of the most talented and creative individuals that I have every come across. I'm always amazed at what she can do, from decor design, to designing one-of-a-kind statement jewelry. She's an entrepreneur at heart and never fails to please her clients with her creations. I would recommend her services to anyone who's looking for creative talent in all categories of her businesses."  ~Terry May