Biophilia is the exciting new psychological theory championed by Pulitzer Prize-winning conservation biologist Edward O. Wilson, who believes our biophilial urges- the ‘love of living things’-plants, wildlife and the great outdoors is genetic, encoded in human beings to ensure balance, harmony, and preservation. ‘Attraction to natural environments is not simply a cultural phenomenon,’ Dr. Wilson explains, ‘There is evidence it is a deeper, biological urge.’

”If we are to thrive today, becoming one with nature is just as essential as it was millions of years ago. In fact, many therapists who specialize in ‘ecopsychology’ believe that deepening our emotional ties to nature is as vital to our well-being as the close personal bonds we pursue with family and friends. When we honor this holy hunger by getting in tune with nature, we experience personal harmony.
— Breathnach, Sarah Ban (1995). Simple Abundance. New York: Warner Books, Inc.


philosophy:  As a born designer and self proclaimed NATURE LOVER I cannot help but appreciate the natural beauty around us at all times.  I believe the closer we are to nature the healthier we become.  Combining my two passions of design and nature was a necessity for my soul.  I take every opportunity to incorporate natural elements into my interior environment either literally or by interruption hence blurring the lines between exterior and interior spaces to create a oneness with nature.  My experience with this philosophy has taught me this naturally creates not only the most aesthetically pleasing designs but also results in harmony within our surroundings and environment. Thus the name and philosophy of my business was born; "As Nature Intended interiors is intended to promote a philosophy and design for living a lifestyle that reflects what it is about nature that provides harmony within your surroundings and environment".

curriculum vitae:  I have had a career in the residential and commercial design business for over 30 years. I began my career by working on staff as a designer, manager or buyer for various retail décor companies, then ventured out on my own and opened a retail and design consulting business from 1996-2004 named "As Nature Intended interiors".  From the beginning of the establishment of this retail store located in Historic Downtown Melbourne, Florida, my vision statement was; "to surround oneself with creations that draw their beauty from creation itself, to feel at home among all that the natural world affords."  From 2004 to present I have concentrated on the consulting and artistry side of my business and continued this philosophy with all design projects including my passion for photography art.    

I am mostly known for my design work on the Space Coast's highly renowned "Essential's Spa".  This large 13,500 sq. foot project is a proud living example of my work and has brought much recognition to my design consulting business in the Brevard County, Florida area. 

Fundamentally design is about color, texture, and balance whether you are creating a new look for a room or composing an image through a camera lens.  My original art photography balances nature and design and will transform your interior environment into a peaceful and healthy sanctuary... as nature intended. 

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